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3D - A Wider Perspective

With a UK's Sky Television broadcasting the world's first live 3D sports match, are we seeing the new revolution in moving picture or just a rehash of this 'new' technology? We take a wider look...

A Big Red Bus - the new atheist weapon

Richard Dawkins and the British Humanist Association have swapped one platform for another. The weapon of choice? A bus!

Abbey Road For Sale

Since 1930, the world's first purpose built studio has been home to some of the greatest recorded music the world has known. And now it's for sale. We take a wider look at the granddaddy of music recording...


Are increased depression and anxiety rates attributable to a more aggressive consumerist market society? We take a look...

Atlas Shrugged - its relevance today

In a climate of bailouts and kickstarts, we take a wider look at Atlas Shrugged, an economic outlook that doesn't hold up such approaches...

Barbie at 50!

She's seen Presidents come and go, Man walk on the Moon, the iron curtain part, and now she's looking to outlive us all! Just who is this keeper of the fountain of youth? We take a wider look...

Charles Darwin: 200 and Still Evolving

We celebrate 200 years since his birth and 150 years since The Origins of the Species.

China: is its future the world's future?

China's consumption is growing at a rate never before witnessed. We look at the impacts and the fallouts.

Colonizing Space: Man as Martian

The belief that we will venture off our planet and colonize other worlds is gaining momentum, but how are our chances and is Mars a likely destination?

Digital Media: what can we expect?

Writers strikes, piracy, copyright... are there answers to these problems? What will it mean for the consumer?

District 9 - A Wider Look

District 9 sees alien segregation as an allegory on apartheid and general cultural prejudice. We take a wider look at this much touted 'classic' and the politics at its core...

Earthquake in Haiti

The Earthquake in Haiti looks set to become one of the worst the world has seen. Fears of up to 100 000 deaths and millions affected, the devastation on this small and poor nation is incalculable.

Fidel Castro

For 50 years Castro has ruled Cuba - we take a wider look at the man, his life and legacy...

Future of Social Media

Know your Tweeple from your average blogger? Why not take five and have a cheeky look at where we're all headed!

God in the 21st Century

Against a backdrop of scientific discovery and cultural integration on a scale like never before, we take a look at God in the 21st century...


Google is the undisputed heavyweight among websites. Ranked number one and looking to stay there, we take a look at this giant...

Methane: Earth's New Destroyer

As the Arctic melts away, millions of tonnes of Methane looks likely to be released accelerating global warming at a potentially runaway rate. But is the outlook as bleak as some would have us believe?

Modern Day Pirates

Speed boats, AK47s, missile launchers and oil. Where's the romance gone?

Neuromarketing - Can We Say 'No'?

Does sex sell? Do we heed cigarette warnings? Does product placement really work? Neuromarketing is attempting to scan our brains for the truth.

North Korea: Secretive Nation

The latest nuclear tests by North Korea has sparked worldwide condemnation. But in its 60 year existence, this country has refused to yield to the wishes of others. We take a wider look at this nation of secrets...

Plane Crashes

The crash landing in New York and the fatal incident in Buffalo has us all questioning just how safe are we in the air. We take a wider look at plane crashes...

School Shootings

The latest school mass shooting in Germany has the world reeling again. Are we to expect more? Are video games and the internet really to blame? We take a look...

Sentiment Analysis - can the internet 'feel'?

Search engines, social networks and the like want to measure our reactions to their content. How we 'feel'. So just how can they get into our minds? We take a look...

Spotify - getting to know them a little better

The new kids on the block and the ones doing all the talking. With an online music revolution in their sights, we decide to get to know them a little better...

Swine Flu - a wider perspective

The Avian Flu has yet to take off - are we to believe the worst for this new outbreak, or get back to business as usual?

The Attention Economy

With millions of blogs, MySpace music sites, and online publications, we look at the emerging economics of 'attention' and how it deals with this scarce and valuable resource.

The Future of Capitalism

What of Capitalism? Is its engine still running strong or is there a sleaker model ready to roll just around the corner?

The Future of Music

Will it be the promised revolution or simply herald in the same old thing in brand new clothes? We take a wider look...

The Internet Turns 20

The Internet has shaken off its spots, washed its hair, and now actually does know everything. We celebrate two decades of a technological revolution that seems inconceivable to live without...

The Large Hadron Collider: finding the 'God' Particle?

CERN's Large Hadron Collider promises so much but may still deliver so little. We take a wider look at the search for the elusive 'God Particle'...

The Mozart Effect

Can listening to Mozart enhance your intellect? Now widely accepted, the claim has yet to convince the scientific community...

The Palestine-Israel Conflict

Israel's military offensive against Gaza is the latest in a long history of conflict within the region. We take a wider look at the issues...

The YouTube Effect

Still an infant, YouTube has been one of the net's great success stories. We take a look at a phenomena that many believe is the future of broadcasting.

Time Travel

Believed to be theoretically possible... will it ever be within reach, and just what issues would it create?

Twitter - Are We Evolving Into Tweeples?

The rise of Twitter has many commentators falling over themselves to hail it as the future of communication. We take a wider look at this new-tech phenomenon...

Umami: The 5th Taste

Sweet, sour, bitter and salty... and umami. The Japanese have talked about the '5th' taste for years but just what is this mysterious taste and how do we get it?

Web 4.0 - Are You Ready?

Just when you got comfortable with Web2.0 along comes version 4.0. Where is it all heading and do we want to go there? We take a wider look...

Where Have All the Bees Gone?

Strange but true, the honeybees are disappearing and no one's quite sure why. Is there a sting in the tail for our food supply? We take a wider look...