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"Stranded on the Moon" selection

Being fans of the surprise hit film of the last year, Moon, we decided to pay homage with our own version of Desert Island Discs: Stranded on the Moon selections. So which 10 tracks would save you from going mad and eating your own feet (on a bed of whole grain rice and chives, of course)?

Dogonaut's top ten

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Afterglow - The Small Faces
A voice that could peel paint off the wall.
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Paris1919 - John Cale
He's not the friendliest, but this track warms the heart, the mind, and the toes!
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On Some Faraway Beach - Brian Eno
It takes several keyboard parts, out of time drums and and an age to arrive at the vocals, but when it does, it kills you everytime!
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Heroes - David Bowie
That vocal sound is still so iconic that one could almost forgive RCA from releasing the single starting with the line about dolphins.
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The Electrician - The Walker Brothers
Supposedly about someone torturing their victim with electricity - it soon nailed a coffin in The Walkers Brothers as a group. But we're left with a gem.
Youtube video
Let Down - Radiohead
These guys have a nifty way of taking the seemingly depressing and having its listener uplifted and full of joie de vivre by the end. Like we say... nifty.
Youtube video
4th July, Asbury Park (Sandy) - Bruce Springsteen
His early work was little raw, a little Dylan-esque, and a little indulgent. We can't get enough!
Youtube video
Mr Blue Sky - Lily Allen
ELO made one hell of a track, but fair's fair - Lily Allen has given it a spin that actually breathes life into the old dog.
Youtube video
Ladytron - Roxy Music
They were from Mars. Fact. But they did bring rock aesthetic and strange tales of hedonistic pleasures with them. The world is still catching up.
Youtube video
Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
Not matter how many times you hear it, it just gets better. London has never felt so good.
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Link for this page is http://www.dogonaut.com/moon/Dogonaut

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