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The Making of Avatar The Making of Avatar
The film could become the most successful ever, but more importantly could be the catalyst that breathes life into the old 3D dog. Whatever happens, we're sure it's just a matter of time before Lucas starts tinkering with the Star Wars saga... again!
Hollywood´s Favorite Cowboy Hollywood's Favorite Cowboy
Author Cormac McCarthy, 76, talked about love, religion, his 11-year-old son, the end of the world and the movie based on his novel 'The Road.'
One For Late Night Viewing: Dark City One For Late Night Viewing: Dark City
10 years on and this cult science fiction classic still feels as claustophobic as ever. Director Alex 'The Crow' Proyas' nods to film noir and Fritz Lang's Metropolis, has the viewer suffocating in its atmosphere and pondering our own particular inner-prisons. Like we say, one for a dark night on a dark day...
The Road
We loved the book, and now the film looks like it just may capture the simple emotion of Cormac McCarthy's carefully crafted relationship of father and son in amongst an apocalyptic landscape. Take a look at the Viggo Mortensen interview for a taster...
Bill Mechanic On Moguls´ Bad Decisions Bill Mechanic On Moguls' Bad Decisions
Not a film but the wise words of someone who's made his fair share. As all forms of media find themselves in a torrent of change, ex Disney and Fox CEO Bill Mechanic's vision of the film industry has lessons that all can heed.
In the Loop In the Loop
The Thick of It has spawned the unnatural prodigy child 'In the Loop'. The British government exposed and laid bare for all to sneer at - the wood-paneled walls of 'Shitehall' will never be the same!
Carry On Up the Wicker Man
We've mashed up two of our favourite British film institutions: the Carry On series and The Wicker Man. It was a sleepy village until Sergeant Howie came to town!
New Virus Films New Virus Films
"Our community is about bringing everyone related to the film industry in any way to a social environment where they can share their scripts, films, photographic talent, musical talent, criticism, acting abilities, models and even more to come as I receive feedback. Every month for each section there is a top ten once we have enough users participating on the site, and there will soon be a rating system in place for every post."

We like this kind of community spirit so for all those in this industry, please take a little time to have a look!
´Milk´ "Milk"
Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk - gay rights activist and politician who paved a way through the psyche of America for so many to follow.
Superbad Superbad
It's purile. It's base. It's juvenile. But it's great!