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2nd Lives

We've collected together the lesser known talents of great actors, musicians, and well known figures.

5th Beatle: All 20 of Them!

We've collected together the legendary Fifth Beatle candidates. Maybe it'd be easier to note who wasn'ta candidate!

70s Film: cinema's coming of age

For many the decade was the last golden era of film. Gritty, urban, challenging, confrontational, avant garde...

A Literary Tour

Celebrating the literary tradition through the ages.

A Not So Complete History of Everything

Exploring all the history of all the world... well, not even scratched the surface really. Here's a few gems anyhow...

Advertising: we know you want it

You didn't know you wanted it, but 30 seconds later you realized you couldn't live without it. This is advertising...

Album Covers

If you like your album covers coffee stained and sun faded, then you'll like this!

Analysis & Debate: the Wider Perspective

A dollop of opinion, a dash of reasoned argument - set off with a garnish of humor.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol rode the wave of multi media expression from film to music to paintings to fashion... the world has been Warholised!

Art Askew

Celebrating the joie de vivre in us all. Art asks questions of us, though sometimes it's the art who must do all the explaining!

Behind the Music: Great Songs

We take a look at the stories behind the world's greatest songs. Hendrix to Radiohead to Dylan and all inbetween...

Bowie Style

Saluting the rock icon who has bridged music, performance and expression. The original Dogonaut!

Britcom: the great British laugh affair

A collection of the good and the great of British sitcoms. A rich history of trouser-dropping humour!

Climate Change - looking at both sides

Highlighting the changing climate in changing times. We take a look at the debate that threatens to rage long after the world decides its own fate!

Coffee - the ambrosia of life

The elixir of life surging through the veins of millions. The fuel line to industry and invention. Cut Man and will he not bleed crema!

Comics: they've come of age

The rise of the comic has seen off film, television, video games... even congress. We salute a medium that fires the imagination like few others.

Computers - upgrade your life

In some living memories, chips were only for eating. Now, they're for everything but. We take a glance at this modern era phenomenon...

Conspiracy Theories

Hotly debated, and greatly enjoyed by many, conspiracy theories are a source of both fun and fear. We take a look around the zealous world of conspirasists...

Contemporary Art: Love it. Hate it.

Yes, but is it art? A question much asked of this genre. We take a look at some of the mainstays of a movement that loves to both fascinate and frustrate...

Cool For Cats

What is cool? Hard to put your finger on it, but when you see it - you know it.

Coolest Cover Songs... probably

We've collected 20 of the coolest cover songs around - so get ready to love 'em or hate 'em!

Cosmology - Big Bangs & Black Holes

Has Big Bang had its day? Can universes collide? The cosmos doesn't yield its secrets lightly but our quest for answers has set us on a journey of discovery that is about as magical as it gets.

Cult Television

Sometimes great, sometimes unimaginably bad, yet cherished by fans to the point of obsession. We explore the world of cult television...

Dogonaut's 1st Bite

Dogonaut searches through the vaults for links on the good and the bad... and a few that defy description!

Dogonaut's 2nd Bite

Another bunch of links dug up from the vaults of Dogonaut. Enjoy!

Dogonaut's 3rd Bite

Dogonaut has dug into the vaults again for a third helping of the great and the wonderful. Take a peek...

Everything Automotive

Truly a story of man's desire to push ever farther into new horizons.

Fa Fa Fashion

Exploring the rarefied air of the fashion universe where today's haute fashion is tomorrow's haute trash.

Film Trailer Mash Ups

When two films collide. We explore the new twists on old plots that happen when two films are 'mashed' together!

Flights of Fantasy

Delving into the depths of the imagination. It's not always a pretty sight!

French Cinema

The birthplace of cinema, French film has provided a rich history of some of the most vibrant and thoughtful pieces committed to celluloid.

Fun & Quirky 1

We've collected together a pile of rib ticklers, head scratchers, and knee knockers... treat yourself, sneak a look.

Future Trends

Revealing just what the world thinks today that we'll be doing tomorrow. The future is here, it just hasn't been distributed yet.


Four decades on since the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the rainbow colours of the gay community shine brightly for all to see.

Gadgets Gadgets Gadgets

We take a look at a world that keeps reinventing itself each time we manage catch up.

Graphic Design and Animation

Graphic art and animation are now everywhere... you can't hide!

Great 20th Century Writers

Orwell, Tolkien, Burroughs, and beyond. Names we know, works we love. We celebrate the 20th Century's greatest writers...

Great Artists and Icons

Great artists stand tall above the rest. We take a stroll through the works and lives of some of the world's most influential artists and icons.

Great War Films

Looking at some of the greatest war stories ever told... the films, their real life heroes, and behind the scenes views.

Healthy Eating - Pros & Cons!

Does obesity really carry the health risks we are lead to believe? Does a low-carb diet make all that much difference? We explore some of the pros and cons of the health industry.

Hey, It's Business!

Business. The second oldest profession in the world. We take a look at some of the current trends and impacts of this tireless behemoth...


Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette looms large over the film world and all that it has come since. We take a look at the master himself...

Human Body

We live within our skin for all our lives but of our body and its capabilities, we are largely strangers to its workings. Take a look inside...

Japan - A Contemporary Take

Japan: a paradox of social order and individual expression, this nation embraces the future like no other.


Showcasing some of the web's finest humor.

London Calling

The city where the dreams of the modern world walk in step with the ghosts of the past. From commerce to fashion to music to art, London's influence permeates all our lives. Take a closer look...

Man and God

We try and shed a little light on the grey area of religion.

Man: The Political Animal

We explore the world of politics. Silence gives consent.

Maps: strangely riveting

A strangely fascinating way to while away the hours, map gazing never fails to provide that 'eureka moment'

Megastructures - biggest is best!

It doesn't get any bigger this! The largest, longest, deepest, most extreme structures Man has made. Be blown away...

Mind Matters

As we look out to the stars for our next adventure, the frontier within our own heads seems as impenetrable as ever. We take a wander through the mind...


Fifty years of the world's favourite small car.

Nature's World

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

New Music: young pretenders / old souls

The new faces and new visions of contemporary music...

New York: biting the apple

Megacity. Metropolis. Monument to the Modern Era. We take a wander through the city that dares to touch the sky.

Northern Soul
(The Road to Wigan)

The Wigan Casino. Black Bombers. Talcum Powder. All Nighters. Keeping The Faith...

Odd, Quirky & Curious

In the shadow between the routine and the ordinary, lies the weird and the wonderful.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd: a story of innovation and experimentation, the pyschedelic kids of 60s London have become the most heralded group of our times.

Pioneers and Explorers: Honouring Sir Edmund Hillary

A tribute to a man who dared the world to believe.

Pop Art: Worshipping the God of Materialism

Driven by artists, championed by commerce, 40 years on its effect reaches far and wide through our world today.


Over 30 years old... the hair may now be receding, but the music still sounds as powerful as ever.

Queen: the four kings of rock

Combining rich pageantry with musical virtuosity, Queen paved the way for stadium rockers the world over. We celebrate the four kings of rock.

Radio With Pictures - where sound & vision collide

The collaboration of filmmaker and musician can be powerful and thought-provoking. We've collected an array of such 4min wonders...

Radiohead O.K.

Challenging, uncompromising, inspiring - for many, the most important band in the world today. This is Radiohead...


Never out of fashion. Wait long enough and rediscover your first loves all over again.


Robotics: nanobots; AI; Asimov's 3 Laws; paranoid androids; Terminators... are these still the visions of the future or now realities?

Science Fiction: a world of possibilities

Giving flight to our dreams and desires, science fiction allows our minds to explore the world beyond the physical chains of our bodies.

Science: the Joy of Discovery

Each new find is added to a wealth of knowledge that takes us ever closer to utter disbelief!

Second Lives: the virtual you

Are you Virtual? Are you an Avatar? Are you King or Queen of your own domain? It's a brave new world- are you in it?

Serial Killers - Strange Fascination

The legends and lives of serial killers - a topic we all find hard to resist!


We take a look at the world of sex: from ads to chocolate to album covers. Don't be shy...

Short Film

From a single theme to startlingly wide scopes, the short film affords the luxury of a skinny-dip into the world of celluloid... and then out again in time for lunch!

Sitcom USA

We take a look at some of the greatest US sitcoms from the past sixty years!

Society: Our Rich Tapestry

Exploring the social world in which we all play our part - good or bad.

Space: The Shrinking Universe

With each new discovery we sense a shrinking of the universe and a broadening of our own wonder.


Rockets. Cars. Animals. Guitarists. And all else inbetween. Take a look...

Sports: the passion and the fury

The passion , the fury, the intricate play, the instinctive pass, the raw highs, the despairing lows... this is sports.

Spotlight: Brian Eno & David Byrne

We've collected together some links on two musicians who have helped shape the landscape of contemporary music... David Byrne and Brian Eno.

Star Wars 'the greatest serial of them all'

The Star Wars saga set against a backdrop of good vs evil and girl meets boy took the 'b' movie genre to its greatest heights.

Stealing Souls: The Art of the Photographer

Capturing life through the lens, we take a snapshot of the world of photography.

Tarantino's Way

We feature a director whose style polarizes opinion but never ceases to amaze.

Technology: Daydreams and Nightmares

The stuff of dreams/ the harbinger of nightmares - we take a look at the world of technology...

Television... that 'other' member of the family

Celebrating that member of the family in the corner that makes you laugh, cry, squared-eyed, and open-jawed.

Terry Gilliam: taking the hard road

Terry Gilliam's take on the world fires the imagination and unsettles the nerve of his backer. We hail the visionary who walks the unbeaten path...

The Beatles: nearly 50 years ago today

Still influential, the four lads from Liverpool seem set to never fade away.

The Coffee Table

Grab a coffee, put your feet up and sift through the collection of magazine-style links at your leisure.

The Director's Chair

The director constructs and reconstructs to all is won... or all is lost. We showcase some of the greatest...

The Solace of Bond

James Bond has had more lives than 9 cats, more faces than Doctor Who, and more gadgets than a certain inspector. We take a look...

The World Wide Web

We get on board the ever burgeoning superhighway and see what's gone yesterday and here tomorrow. Get involved!

Thru These Architects' Eyes

Architecture: the mirror reflecting how we choose to live our lives. We take a look...


Top 10. Top 20. Top 1000. Lists: we all love them; we all have them. Here's but a few...

Trends: 2010 and Beyond

Where are our flying cars?! With the jetpack and silver suit still a little way off, we take a look at the more likely trends and predictions for the upcoming year and decade...

Wikipedia - a look inside

Love it, or loathe it - Wikipedia is the information source to millions.

Women of Substance

Showcasing the lives and works of great women through the ages.