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Dogfight: Are Aliens Watching Us

Life in the universe is now not a matter of 'if' to many... but are they really here watching our every move?

Dogfight: Asbestos

We take a look at some of the truths and fallacies that still cloud the issue on this once championed 'miracle mineral'.

Dogfight: Astrology

Do the heavens hold the answers to our characters, our past, and our futures? Many of us seem to think so, but how does that fit into the scientific viewpoint?

Dogfight: Biofuels

Touted as a saviour of our planet's future, we take a look at both sides of the argument and see what's burning...

Dogfight: Capital Punishment

As statistics show a fall in support for capital punishment within the US, we take a look at both sides of the argument.

Dogfight: Civil Liberties on the Net

Some say the net needs tightening: more laws, more control, less laissez-faire. Should we agree?

Dogfight: Climate Change

Most now accept Man's impact on the climate. But has the extent been overstated, or do we need to be even more vigilent in saving the planet?

Dogfight: Designer Babies

Genetically engineering our offspring - are we improving the pool or heading for shallow waters?

Dogfight: Did we land on the Moon?

It's been nearly 40 years since Man first went to the Moon. But still today many believe it was all a hoax. We take a look...

Dogfight: Does Sex Sell?

Not sure what washing powder to use? How about the one shown with the shapely legs or ripped abs? Does sex really influence our consumer decisions? We take a look...

Dogfight: GM Crops

Are genetically modified crops safe and beneficial? We look at both sides of this heated debate.

Dogfight: Government Bailouts

GM in bankruptcy while all around bailouts are being handed out like candy. Are they a solution or are they part of the problem? We take a look at both sides of the argument...

Dogfight: Homeopathy

Is it the real deal, or scientific bunkum? We look at both sides...

Dogfight: Homosexuality in the Armed Forces

As the debate heats up in the US on the ban of homosexuals within the forces, we take a wider look at the issues...

Dogfight: ID Cards

ID cards/ biometric profiling - are they a benefit to the whole or an unwarranted restriction to the individual?

Dogfight: Net Neutrality

As the internet becomes ever more throttled by data, someone has to pay the costs of upgrades. Who picks up the tab will inevitably shape the future of the net. We take a look at the battle...

Dogfight: Nuclear Power

Global warming is now putting wind back in the sails of the nuclear power option. We look at both sides of the debate...

Dogfight: Psychics

Psychics claim to see the future and talk with the dead. Are we to believe the claims or dismiss them as nonsense?

Dogfight: Sports Stars' Salaries

Are we paying our sports stars too much? We take a look at both sides of the discussion...

Dogfight: Statins

The aspirin of the 21st century? Statins provide us with a way to control cholesterol but at what cost? Some say too much...

Dogfight: Tax Cuts For the Rich

Does taxing the rich to help the poor work? Or do we lift all boats on the water by allowing the rich to prosper?

Dogfight: The Monarchy

Monarchy or Republic - a debate that has raged for centuries to a backdrop of power struggles and bloodshed. We look at both sides...

Dogfight: The Terrorist Threat

Since 9/11 security across the globe has grown and tightened. Do we release its grip, or welcome greater measures still?

Dogfight: Whaling

Is Japan serving its desires at the cost of the whale population, or are the numbers being cooked by the anti-whaling groups?